[6. Cosmetics] Luxury Cosmetic Brush - KOYOMO(Old Goat Hair) Nadeshiko/Pearl Pink Cheek Brush

The harmony of the fantastic natural fiber and the cute handle. The fiber is a low-abrasion hair from the back of a mountain goat, with a delicate tip and stiffness, ideal for makeup brushes.

The bristles are delicate and have a good "stickiness" and good color.
The softer the bristles, the less they are worn out by friction, and the longer they last. As for the shaft, it is made of natural wood finished with pearl pink paint that has a lovely pearl-like shine.

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How to create MAKEUP BRUSH


Mountain goat hair is used as an essential raw material for high quality brushes.
The old mountain goat hair type used in these brushes is a very rare and valuable type of goat hair from the Jiangnan region of China, especially from before the 1970s.
It is a very rare and valuable type of goat hair.
Compared to recent goat hair, the tips of the wool are more delicate, sticky, and shiny. The softer the hair, the less it wears out due to friction, and the longer the brush lasts.

Tsubokawa Brush Works has a long history and tradition of making brushes.

Each brush is made from a different type of hair, and each brush undergoes more than a hundred manual processes. The most suitable materials are selected from a large amount of raw hair, and the tips of the brushes are made by artisans through a number of painstaking manual processes. This process requires a delicate mind, and the craftsmen put their outstanding skills and spirit into creating high-quality brushes with warmth.

In addition, there are a wide variety of brush materials, and we have always been particular about the materials we use and continue to explore them. Among them, we noticed the value of "old wool" early on and have been collecting it. We are proud to have the world's largest inventory of the fantastic "old wool", which is now difficult to obtain, in abundance and almost exclusively.

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■ Product Name:High-grade Cosmetic Brushes Old Sheep Hair Nadeshiko/Pearl Pink Cheek Brush
■ Contents : 18g
■ Manufacturer: Tsubogawa Brush Brush Works Co.
■ Country of origin : Hiroshima, Japan
■ Size : Total length 114mm
■ Material :
Bristles/White yellow spearhead wool
Shaft/Cherry blossom
■ Usage : Do not press down hard on the bristles.
■ The tips of the bristles are delicate, so please keep the bristles in a pouch to prevent them from becoming stringy.
When to replace... Some hair may fall out, but please consider it a sign of replacement when the frequency of use increases and hair breakage is noticeable from the middle.
Also, when the bristles are worn out and the tips become short, it is time to replace them.
Washing : After using powder or blush, gently tap the powder and wash only if you are concerned about dirt.
Soak the tips of the hair in lukewarm water and wash them by stroking with soap foam.
After washing, comb through, shape, and dry in a well-ventilated place for about a week.
Store in a well-ventilated place.

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