HI NO AKANE PLUS powder 20P x 2

This product is a set of 20 sachets / 2 bags of instant tea. It is made into akane-colored powder tea using the color change (green → akane-colored) when adding lemon, which is a characteristic of HI NO AKANE.
HI NO AKANE is a green tea brand developed by a Japanese government-run research institute and has the best health function among Japanese teas.
It is characterized by its easy-to-drink flavor like fragrant green tea.
It is rich in catechin and anthocyanin, which are health ingredients, and many papers on health function have been published (such as suppression of blood sugar rise, lowering of LDL cholesterol, improvement of brain function, suppression of lipid absorption, reduction of asthenopia, suppression of vascular damage, protection of liver function, etc.). In Japan, it has acquired "Functional Labeling Certification" which is given to foods that have been proven to be effective for the human body.
This Japanese tea has been produced only on a small island called "Tokunoshima" because the growing environment is limited, and it is very rare.
The national research institute and Tokunoshima farmhouse have finally succeeded in commercialization in about 12 years. Please try this rare Japanese tea filled with lots of thoughts.
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■ Product name :
HI NO AKANE powder 20P x 2
■ Content :
■ Ingredients : green tea (San Rouge), dextrin / phosphate (Na)
■ Content : 1.5g x 20 packs
■ Best before date : October 2021
■ display of nutrition facts : (per 1.5g)
Heat : 5 kcal
0g protein
Lipids 0g
Carbohydrate 1.1g
Salt equivalent 0g
Epigallocatechin garled 48 mg
Myricetin 3 - galactoside 2 mg
Delphinidin 3 - galactoside 0.2 mg
■ Allergen labeling : None
■ Storage method : Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of lingering scent.
[Product Notes]
■ Please drink as soon as possible after opening.
■ Manufacturer name : AZUMA CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.
■ Country of Origin : Tokunoshima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan)
■ Usage :
Dissolve in hot water (80 ℃ - 90 ℃).
Dissolve in water (25 ℃).
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