Hokkaido kelp vinegar Kiwami 6 piece set

[Product] ■ Product Name : Hokkaido Kelp Vinegar Kiwami 6 Piece Set ■ Name : Seasoned vinegar ■ Ingredients : cider vinegar, protein hydrolysate, sugars, isomerized liquid sugar, Rishiri Kombu (from Hokkaido), dried bonito extract, salt, yeast extract (some ingredients contain soybeans) ■ Content : 300 ml / bottle ■ Best before date : Listed on the package ■ Storage method : Store away from direct sunlight.
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/ Synergistic effect of umami ingredients / The secret of the flavor! Made with luxurious Bonito Stock! x Whole Rishiri Kelp Paste! This is why it is full of flavor even without chemical seasoning! In addition, it becomes a safe and delicious all-purpose seasoning! And it's good for your health! It's not only delicious, but you can enjoy a healthy healthy. The vinegar is packed with kelp, so it's full of important nutrients. It is perfect for dieting or for active bowel! ・ Improving the intestinal environment : The dietary fiber of kelp increases the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and vinegar also has the effect of promoting the secretion of digestive juices, so it improves the intestinal environment. ・ High blood pressure / High blood sugar : In addition to the hypotensive action of vinegar and the effect of suppressing the rise in blood sugar level, the absorption of salt and sugar by the dietary fiber of kelp can be expected. • Smooth blood flow : Acetic acid promotes blood flow, and the antioxidant effect of fucoxanthin contained in kelp can be expected. ・ Improvement of immunity : It has been reported that the improvement of intestinal environment leads to the enhancement of immunity, and the intake of vinegar is useful for the enhancement of immunity. ・ Reduced visceral fat : The dietary fiber of kelp prevents the absorption of excess sugar and fat, and vinegar reduces visceral fat and suppresses the rise of blood sugar. ・ Prevention of osteoporosis : The abundant calcium contained in kelp, which is difficult to absorb, is combined with acetic acid to form Calcium Acetate, which greatly improves the absorption rate. * The above effects are inferred from the nutrients contained in kelp and vinegar, and are not guaranteed. ~ Recommended Way of Eating ~ Spring cabbage and ham dressed with sesame in vinegar. ・ Simple! Japanese-style dressing Easy! Pickle made with Lonicera caerulea vinegar. ~ Recommended Drinking Method ~ It's refreshing with carbon dioxide! On cold days, warm yourself with hot water. Add to your usual smoothie! \ Awarded the "Grand Prize" in the vinegar category at the Seasoning Championship 2020. * Comments of praise from the judges and related people! "It's just a bunch of umami!" "Free from chemical seasoning and preservatives!" "The moderate aroma of kelp is just right!" "The sourness is mild and looks easy to use!" What is Seasoning Championship 2020? The Seasonings Championship is sponsored by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association. It is an event held every year on November 3, Good Taste Day (Seasoning Day), to promote the appeal of seasonings to the society and to revitalize the seasoning industry. The Seasonings Sommelier, Buyer, Chef and other specialists in food and consumers evaluate the selected seasonings from all over Japan. \ Special Award "Asia Selection Award" at Omotenashi Selection 2020 / What is Omotenashi Selection? "Omotenashi Selection" is an award established in 2015 with the aim of discovering and spreading Japan's excellent "omotenashi spirit" of goods and services around the world. The Omotenashi Selection is operated by more than 20 private companies. In the process of recognition, foreign experts living in Japan conduct a physical examination and Japanese experts conduct a quality check. The Omotenashi Selection is evaluated based on "OMOTENASHI" and "GLOBAL" standards for creative and creative activities that continue to improve and adapt to the present while inheriting the techniques and traditions of the people who use it. The Omotenashi Selection is recognized as "overflowing with the charm of" Japan that wants to communicate to the world ". It is recognized as a product or service that wins the Hospitality Selection. <> This product is an exquisite blend of flavorful Hokkaido-style Rishiri Kombu, delicious vinegars, and delicious katsuo-dashi. Just like dressings and citrus-based sauces, this product can be easily used. You can enjoy a wide range of dishes just by adding or mixing vegetable salads, cold shabu-shabu, vinegared foods, vinegared rice, pickles, vinegared crab, lightly pickled vegetables, etc. Of course, it is "additive-free" chemical seasoning.
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