[3. Seasonings] Hokkaido Kelp Vinegar Kiwami / Haskapp Flavor 2bottles each

This set contains two bottles each of Hokkaido Kelp Vinegar Kiwami and Haskapp flavor.

Kelp Vinegar Kiwami
This product is a perfect blend of Hokkaido Rishiri kelp full of umami, delicious vinegar, and delicious bonito soup stock. It is a product that can be easily used in the same way as dressings and ponzu. It can be used in vegetable salads, cold shabu-shabu, vinegar dishes, vinegared rice, pickles, crab vinegar, asazuke, etc. By simply pouring or mixing it, you can expand the range of your cooking. Of course, no chemical seasonings are added.
Kelp Vinegar Haskap Flavor
Haskap produced in Atsuma is added to Kombu Vinegar Polar, which is a perfect blend of Hokkaido Hidaka kelp full of umami, delicious vinegar, and delicious bonito soup stock. It is a product that can be used as easily as dressings and ponzu, and can expand the range of dishes by simply pouring or mixing it on vegetable salads, cold shabu-shabu, vinegared food, vinegared rice, pickles, crab vinegar, asazuke, etc. Of course, no chemical seasonings are added.

~Recommended way to eat~
・Vinegared spring cabbage and ham with sesame paste
・Easy! Japanese style dressing
・Easy! Pickles made with Haskap vinegar
~Recommended drink~
・Refreshing with soda!
・For cold days, drink with hot water.
・Add to your regular smoothies!

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/ Synergistic effect of flavor components /

The secret of (superb) flavor!
Luxurious use of high-grade bonito broth! × A paste of whole high-grade kelp from Rishiri!
That's why it's full of flavor even without the addition of chemical seasonings!
It's also a safe and delicious all-purpose seasoning!
And it's good for you too!
It is not only delicious, but also healthy life with kelp vinegar!
Because it is vinegar packed with whole kelp, it is full of important nutrients.
It's perfect for dieting and intestinal health!
・The dietary fiber in kelp increases the number of good bacteria in the intestines, and vinegar also stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, so it helps to improve the intestinal environment.
・High blood pressure and high blood sugar: In addition to the blood pressure lowering and blood sugar inhibiting effects of vinegar, the dietary fiber in kelp can be expected to inhibit the absorption of salt and sugar.
・Blood thinning: Blood thinning effect can be expected from the blood flow promoting effect of acetic acid and the antioxidant effect of fucoxanthin contained in kelp.
・Improved immunity: Improving the intestinal environment leads to enhanced immunity, and there are research reports that vinegar intake is helpful in enhancing immunity.
・The dietary fiber in kelp prevents the absorption of excess sugar and fat, while vinegar helps reduce visceral fat and suppresses the rise in blood sugar levels.
・Prevention of osteoporosis: The rich calcium contained in kelp, which is difficult to absorb, is combined with the acetic acid in vinegar to form calcium acetate, which greatly improves the absorption rate.
The above effects are inferred from the nutritional components contained in kelp and vinegar, and are not guaranteed to be effective.

\ This product won the "Grand Prize" in the vinegar category at the Japan Seasoning Championships 2020./

Compliments from the judges and officials!
"A true mass of flavor!
"No chemical seasonings or preservatives added, so no worries!
"The understated aroma of kelp is just right!
"The mild acidity makes it easy to use!
What is the Seasoning Championship 2020?
The seasoning championship is an event organized by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association to promote the appeal of seasonings to society and revitalize the seasoning industry. Seasonings from all over Japan are evaluated by food experts such as seasoning sommeliers, buyers and chefs, as well as consumers.


\ Received the special award "Asia Award" at the hospitality selection conversion 2020 /

What is Omotenashi Selection?

The Omotenashi Selection is an award established in 2015 with the aim of discovering and promoting Japan's outstanding products and services with a spirit of hospitality to the world. The Omotenashi Selection is managed by more than 20 private-sector companies, and the products are screened by foreign experts living in Japan and quality checks are conducted by Japanese experts. In the process of certification, actual products are examined by foreign experts living in Japan, and quality is checked by Japanese experts. The "OMOTENASHI" and "GLOBAL" standards are used to evaluate the particular techniques born out of consideration for the people who use the products, and the creative and ingenious activities that continue the tradition while making improvements for the modern age. The Omotenashi Selection Award is given to products and services that are recognized as being "full of the unique appeal of Japan that we want to share with the world.

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■ Product Name : Hokkaido Kelp Vinegar Kiwami / Haskapp Flavor 2bottles each
■ Name : Seasoning vinegar
■ Ingredients : apple vinegar, protein hydrolysate, sugar, isomerized liquid sugar, Rishiri kelp (from Hokkaido), bonito extract, salt, yeast extract (contains soybeans).
■ Contents : 4 bottles of 300ml /each
■ Best Before : Indicated on package
■ Storage : Store away from direct sunlight.

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