Hydrogen inhaler


■ Product Name : Hydrogen Aspirator

■ Contents : 6.2 kg

■ Manufacturer name : SuisoFirst

■ Size : 210 x 300 x 310

■ Usage : Set the attached cannula to your nostrils, turn on the switch, and inhale the gas directly. Hydrogen is generated using commercially available purified water.

[Product Notes]

■ The durability of ordinary tap water may be reduced due to chemicals such as chlorine, alkali agents and flocculants, and impurities in the piping. I recommend using purified water or mineral water. The hydrogen concentration depends on the water temperature and quality.

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about this product①


about this product②

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Do you remember that hydrogen water flowed a little while ago?

Hydrogen actually passes through glass and plastic in a short time.

It is very difficult to take high concentration of hydrogen continuously.

But with this machine "At Home", "Easily", "High Concentration Hydrogen"

It can be taken directly into the body!

It is attracting attention because it can absorb a lot of hydrogen into the body, and it is also used in medical practice.

"Going up and down the stairs is as hard as usual."

"I had a hangover, but I feel refreshed."

"My skin is in such a good condition,"

"When I inhale hydrogen, my body gets warm and sleepy."

They are very pleased!

For those who pursue beauty and health, please experience it once.

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