Hand-Drawn Musha-e Banner Tapestry (small)

[Contents] Hand-Drawn Musha-e Banner Tapestry  (Small)

■ Content : Musha-e Banner Tapestry - 1 pieces (width 55 cm x length 120 cm), with horizontal bar

■ Manufacturer : Watanabe Koinobori Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin / region : Japan

■ Package dissies : L76.5 cm x W19cm x H9cm

■ Total weight : 0.66 kg

■ Material : Tapestry - Natural Cotton Jersey Material, Horizontal Bar - Plastic, Round Pipe - Brass, Tassel - Leon

■ Usage : Tie the string firmly and use it by hanging it on the wall inside the room.

[Product Notes] ■ Please avoid using bleach or dry cleaning when washing. When washing, wash by hand and dry well. If left wet, the color may transfer. If you pull strongly, the fabric may be damaged or torn.

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This is a Musha-e flag that is carefully drawn with a Hand-Drawn dyeing technique that has been handed down since the Edo era. It is made with a Japanese warrior who fought bravely during the Warring States period. His face has an overwhelming presence like a Kabuki actor. Please enjoy the careful use of handwriting by traditional skilled craftsmen. Please decorate it as a Tapestry in the room. There is no doubt that it will create an atmosphere of Japanese culture.
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