Kanden no Binihon Katanashi Sanada Yukimura Model

[Product] ■ Product Name : Kanden's Beautiful Japanese Sword Scissors Sanada Yukimura Model ■ Contents : 1 Sheath Scissors (Plastic Case Included) ■ Manufacturer name : Nikken Hamono Co., Ltd. ■ Country of Origin ■ Size : Body Total Length 180 mm Weight 0.0555 kg (鞘含 185 mm 0.07 kg) Blade Thickness 1.8 mm Overall Width 72.0 mm Total Thickness 13.0 mm (Including Sheath 18.0 mm) Handle Color Black Case Size 223 x 107 x 25 mm Total Weight 0.115 kg ■ Material : The blade is made of stainless cutting steel. The caulking pin is made of stainless steel. The handle is made of A. B. Sheath S is A. B. S ■ Usage : For cutting paper [Product Notes] ■ Please do not bring this product into the aircraft. Please make sure to put it in the checked baggage and carry it. ■ This product is a cutting tool. Please take care not to cause any accidents or injuries. ■ If the blade is damaged, the sharpness will be impaired, so please do not cut hard things. ■ If placed near fire, it may deform. ■ Please do not use this product in a dangerous manner. ■ If the blade gets wet, it may cause rust, so please wipe it off with a dry cloth. ■ After use, please store out of the reach of children.
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Check out the popular military commander "Sanada Yukimura" model! 1) The motif is the sword of the design Sanada Yukimura, and the family crest of the Sanada family "6 mon coin" is put in the scabbard. (2) In addition to the excellent sharpness by the skills of the craftsmen in the service area, it comes with a sheath cap that is excellent in safety and portability. (3) Sharpness The "R" blade, which is a feature of our products, has been adopted to realize the "cutting effect" by the difference in length between the upper and lower blades. The R blade can pull in objects without missing them, so it can cut smoothly. ※ This product is made in Japan from planning to manufacturing, taking advantage of the tradition of Seki blades. This is an artistic masterpiece that inherits the techniques of making Japanese swords, which is a tradition of the town of ※'' Hamono, Seki City.
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