Karmi Hat (soji)

[Product] ■ Product name : Karmi Hat (soji)■ Content : Tea canister (tea canister) ■ Manufacturer name : Gato ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Size : φ 62-H193mm 350 cc ■ Weight : 340g ■ Material : Mizume Sakura Urethane ■ Usage : Ideal for storing tea leaves such as black tea. Ideal for storing tea leaves such as black tea. The new tea canister may contain the smell of paint. Open the lid and leave it in a well-ventilated it in a well-ventilated place for a few days, or if you shake it well and leave it for 2.3 days, or if you lightly wipe it with diluted vinegar. After use, use a soft cloth or sponge and wash with kitchen detergent (neutral) to keep it beautiful. Do not use thinner, benzine, metal scrub, steel scrub, polishing powder, bleach, etc., as they will damage the product. As it may cause corrosion, we recommend that you avoid storing strongly acidic foods. [Product Notes] ■ You cannot use an oven, freezer, microwave, or dishwasher.
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Karmi is a high-class tea canister made by a craftsman of Gato Mikio Shoten. It was named after one of the haikai principles of Basho Matsuo, a haiku poet. The wooden tea canister which the main body and the lid close together is the ultimate technique of the craftsman of Gado Mikio Shoten. It protects tea leaves from moisture with surprising airtightness. In addition, the beautiful design that seeps out from the inside has been highly evaluated, receiving design awards in Japan and overseas. Relax in the traditional tea canister and enjoy a supreme moment with the Japanese atmosphere.
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