Makeup Brush Cleaner - Kumano Brush Resetter Standard Size

[Product] ■ Product Name: Makeup Brush Cleaner - Kumano Brush Resetter ■ Content: 500 ml ■ Ingredients: Naturally occurring high molecular weight polysaccharides (coenzymes), polyethylene glycol, glycerin, coconut oil Fatty acid alkanoylamide, oleyl ether, alkylbetaine, methylphenylpolysiloxane, electrolytic alkali ion water ■ Manufacturer: Godo Kaisha Haku Undo ■ Country of Origin/ Region: Japan ■ Size: Width 110 x Depth 110 x Height 335 mm ■ Usage: Pour the Kumano Brush Resetter into the special cup, wet the brush with water and then gently blend into the solution. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water. Dry with a towel and leave to air dry in the shade.
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A cleaning solution for cleaning makeup brushes. Effective cleaning solution that brings out the original fluffy feel of the brush. There are 2 possible causes of unclean brushes. ● Cause 1: Dirt and bacteria at the base of the brush doesn't get removed even after washing. ● Cause 2: Brush becomes "bumpy", resulting in uneven or excessive make-up application. Kumano Brush Resetter cleans better than soap and shampoo, while preserving your brush's original softness. Kumano Brush Resetter does not use preservatives, disinfectants, petroleum-based surfactants, fragrances, mineral oils, ultraviolet absorbers, thinners, paraben, or coloring. The natural ingredients are gentle to the environment and harmless to the human body. In addition, the solution decomposes naturally after use. An effective cleaning solution that cleans using the power of natural polymer. Odorless and produces minimal foam and bubbles. Does not clog drainage. How to Use ● STEP 1 Pour the Kumano Brush Resetter into the dedicated cup. Determine the amount to use according to the brush size. *1 bottle can wash up to 50 times. ● STEP 2 After wetting the brush with water, gently blend into the cleaning solution. If the brush is caked with residue, please soak it in the solution. No scrubbing required, the residue will float to the surface using the strength of the natural polymer. ● STEP 3 Rinse with cold or lukewarm water. ● STEP 4 Drain the water from the brush with a tissue or towel and let it air dry in the shade. If using a hair dryer, please use cold air and control the air flow. Reset your makeup brush! It will be good as new after every wash. Simply soak the make-up brush in the solution and the dirt will come off easily and float to the surface. Cleans better than soap and shampoo. With the power of the industry's first naturally derived polymer, your precious makeup brush will be revived, just like a new one!
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