[4. Beverages] Black soy-beans teabags 7 teabags x 6 pcs

100% black soybeans from Morita Farm in Tokachi, Hokkaido are used.
The unique roasting process condenses the delicious flavor of black soybeans into a supreme black soybean tea that can be easily consumed in 3 minutes by pouring hot water into the tea pack.

Pour 200cc of boiling water and wait for 3 minutes before drinking. The tea is caffeine free, so it can be drunk before going to bed or even by pregnant women.

The beans can be eaten too, so it is recommended to drink it with a spoon while eating the beans.

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A caffeine-free tea with a soft flavor and little astringency.
The soft flavor with little astringency that can only be produced from black soybeans made by a 100-year farmer in Tokachi is condensed into tea bags through a unique roasting process.

Even coffee tastes different depending on the origin of the beans, such as "mocha," "Kilimanjaro," and "Blue Mountain.
Of course, the same is true for black bean tea. The origin and quality of the black soybeans themselves have the greatest impact on the flavor of the tea.
This black soybean tea is carefully selected from among the black soybeans grown on our farm, so it has a bright ruby red color without any unpleasant taste or astringency. It can be drunk hot or iced. You can also enjoy the taste of the beans after boiling.

Because it is edible black bean tea, it is recommended to add it to coffee or cafe au lait. Of course, since the beans are delicious, it can be used in various dishes such as curry.
In Shimizu Town, Tokachi, "Katsutomi-meshi," rice cooked with this black bean tea, is used in school lunches.

Please try to arrange the black beans in various ways.

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■ Product name : Black bean tea bags (small bags) 6-piece set
■ Name of manufacturer : A-Net Farm Tokachi Co.
■ Country of origin : Hokkaido, Japan
■ Ingredients : Black soybeans
■ Contents : 21g x 6
■ Nutritional information : per 100ml of extract
・Energy 0kcal
・Protein 0g
・Fat 0g
・Carbohydrate 0g
・Salt equivalent 0g
■ Allergy labeling : -
■ Storage method : Room temperature
Please keep out of direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

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