Kyoto Uji Green Tea Soap 4 Piece Set

[Product] ■ Product name : Kyoto Uji no Matcha Soap ■ Contents : 112g per 1 ■ Manufacturer name : Kotolabo / KOTO laboratory ■ Country of origin / region : Japan (e.g. Japan) ■ Size : (Width x Depth x Height in mm) ■ Material : Packaging Bag (Paper) ■ Usage : [Product Notes] ■
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This is a set of 4. 100% fragrance-free (subtle scent of tea leaves) Lavishly contains Uji green tea (matcha), which is organically grown (certified as organic). The matcha powder is also expected to have a peeling effect that gently removes dirt in the pores. It is a soap with an exquisite balance of moisture and refreshing sensation. It is also recommended for people with sensitive skin. Green tea (matcha) powder is kneaded into the soap, so the dried surface is dark brown and the inside has a slight green tea color. It is fragrance-free so it is almost odorless, but has a subtle green tea fragrance. It can be used for the whole body from face to body without worries. Uji tea is located in the southern part of Kyoto Prefecture. It is a traditional green tea cultivated in Uji City and the rich nature that surrounds it. It is listed as one of the "3 Most Important Teas in Japan." Green tea is rich in catechin and vitamins, and has been scientifically proven to have a variety of beauty effects (moisturizing chapping effect, deodorizing effect, etc.). [Attention to Raw Materials] Soap is made from carefully selected food ingredients. It is an additive-free soap that is safe to enter the mouth. The moisturizing ingredient (glycerin) of vegetable oil is entirely made into soap. It is made with great care by hand in all processes. It is made with an additive-free manufacturing method that does not use preservatives, quality stabilizers, chemical fragrances, chemical pigments, etc. It is made from natural materials that are easy to break down naturally into wastewater such as bath water. It is an environmentally friendly product even after use. [Attention to manufacturing method (cold process manufacturing method)] It is made with a super clean manufacturing method that does not use fire, does not produce waste fluids, and is gentle to the global environment and people. Yes. It is made by aging thoroughly with the reaction heat of soap without using fire during the soap reaction. Since it is matured without using fire, there is almost no oxidation and discoloration of vegetable oil, and it does not emit carbon dioxide. It is a time-consuming manufacturing method that takes more than 1 months to finish the soap.
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