[3. Seasonings] "Umikaze to Toki no Takara" (3bottles set), handcrafted and aged with sincerity from the entrance of the Noto Peninsula

Since its establishment in 1919, the brewery has maintained its traditional taste by brewing in wooden vats.

With the lactic acid bacteria and yeast that have been handed down over the years and live in the brewery
The soy sauce and the kelp ponzu based on it take two years of time and effort to make.
This set includes a kombu ponzu and ume ponzu based on the soy sauce.

"Umikaze to Toki no Takara" is a soy sauce developed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company.
It is a naturally brewed soy sauce made by fermenting and maturing round soybeans "Sato no Hohoemi", which are grown in the climate of Hodatsushimizu, Noto with all the love of the producers, deep sea water rich in minerals, wheat, and salt.
This naturally brewed soy sauce is made by fermenting and maturing the soybeans in cedar barrels for two years, using only mineral-rich Noto deep sea water, wheat, and salt.
Ume ponzu (plum ponzu) is a sumptuous combination of "Umikaze to Toki no Takara" with plum juice and plum vinegar from Kishu.
You can also enjoy the kombu ponzu (kelp ponzu) made with homemade kombu dashi (kelp broth) using plenty of Rishiri kelp from Yubu, hon mirin (sweet cooking sake), and orange juice.

You can feel the brewer's passion for making soy sauce in this set.

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【Features of Chikaokaya Soy Sauce】

At the entrance of the Noto Peninsula facing the Sea of Japan, in a town rich in nature surrounded by the sea and mountains, we have been hand-pulling soy sauce by hand since our establishment in 1919 to preserve the rich flavor of Noto soy sauce. The large roof tiles shine in the Noto sunshine, and inside the wooden storehouse, which has remained unchanged since its founding, you can still see the cedar barrels, paddle sticks, linen cloth, and other tools that have been carefully used since the first generation. Although it is a small soy sauce brewery, it is a natural brewing brewery that carefully produces soy sauce using the cedar barrel wooden vat brewing method, which is now rare in Japan. The lactobacillus and yeast bacteria that live in the wooden vats and watch over the brewers as they make soy sauce are the source of the unique flavor of Chikaokaya soy sauce, and are a precious treasure. It's no exaggeration to say that they are like gods to us. The homemade "moromi" made in the wooden vats takes two years to ferment and mature, and the result is a mellow flavor with a hint of salt.

From the preparation of the soy sauce to the pressing of the "moromi" to make fresh soy sauce
It is an essential part of the soy sauce making process. This is because the koji mold and the moromi are indispensable for making soy sauce.
This is because the koji mold and the molomi are all living things, just like us. It takes us three days to make the soy sauce, and we can feel and smell the koji. I listen carefully to the sound of the moromi fermenting and feel relieved that it has developed a good flavor this year. Making soy sauce may be like raising a child. This handiwork, which has been handed down from the time of the company's founding, combined with the earnest desire of the brewers to make soy sauce, results in a mellow soy sauce with a unique flavor that only wooden vats can produce.

In recent years, soy sauce production has become increasingly mechanized and efficient. Mechanization may make the production process and quality control easier and less time-consuming. But machines can't create the subtle aroma of cedar from the wooden vats and the taste of the bacteria that live in the storehouse. To preserve the richness of Japan's food culture, and to pass on the rich taste of soy sauce, one of Japan's most popular seasonings, to future generations, we at Chikaokaya Soy Sauce will continue to make soy sauce with all our hearts, using the original cedar barrels and linen, and sticking to the traditional methods used by the brewers. We will continue to make soy sauce with all our heart.

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■ Product name : Umikaze to Toki no Takara Set
■ Contents : (Umikaze to Toki no Takara 200ml x 1, Kombu Ponzu 300ml x 1, Ume Ponzu 300ml x 1)
■ Ingredients : soybeans, wheat, salt, kombu broth, plum juice, orange juice, bonito extract
■ Best Before : Umikaze 360 days, Ponzu 270 days
■ Nutritional information (per 15ml) : Umikaze to Toki no Takara (calorific value 11Kcal protein 1.6g fat 0g carbohydrate 1.1g salt equivalent 2.4g) Kelp Ponzu (calorific value 13.3Kcal protein 0.4g fat 0.1g carbohydrate 2.8g salt equivalent 1.0g) Plum Ponzu (calorific value 17.8Kcal protein 0.4g fat 0.1g) (Calories: 17.8KcalProtein: 0.4gLipid: 0.1gCarbohydrate: 3.8gSalt equivalent: 1.4g)
■ Manufacturer : Chikaokaya Shoyu Co.
■ Country of origin : Ishikawa, Japan
■ Size : 230 x 230 x 75 mm
■ Store in the refrigerator after opening and use as soon as possible.

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