Melonkuma / Clear File / <Yellow Handkerchief> / 6 Piece Set

<> ■ Product Name : Melonkuma / Clear File / / 6 Piece Set ■ The Melonkuma caught in Yubari has finally become a clear file and has been commercialized. The identity of the Melonkuma is revealed little by little with the sharpness that has never been seen before.
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He runs Mellon Kuma No Ya (Wakasa Kanko Bussan Co., Ltd.) to liven up Yubari. They also produce melons. A Melonkuma is a bear that has been transformed by destroying farmers in Yubari and eating delicious melons. The mascot character of the Yubari branch of Hokkaido Product Center. The Yubari City Agricultural Cooperative Association (JA Yubari City) collects Yubari melon and ships them under the Yubari melon brand only if they pass strict inspections. The ferocious bears changed their appearance by eating delicious melons, and they finally appeared in front of people. The surprised human being was taken up in newspapers, television, the Internet, and so on, and it has now spread all over the country. But. why has it changed to this form? It is still unknown whether he became violent. Just one. It lives only in Yubari, and it is certain that he loves Yubari. Please take it with your wish to let many people know about Yubari and visit later.
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