Minami-Furano Ezo Sika Keema Curry(200g x 30 pieces)

■ Product name : Curry (Ezo Sika Keema Curry) ■ Contents : 1 serving 200g x 30 ■ How to eat : Place on top of the rice and heat in the microwave for about 3 minutes. Or, heat in hot water for 3 to 5 minutes without opening. ■ Ingredients : Deer meat (from Hokkaido), sauteed onion, curry roux, apple, Chutney, Lard, pork extract, sugar, tomato ketchup, curry powder, spices, Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce, ginger, yeast extract, chicken consomme / coloring (caramel, turmeric), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), acidulant, flavoring, spice extract, (Some ingredients include flour, dairy ingredients, soybeans, chicken, pork, apple, sesame) ■ Storage method : Please store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity. ■ Note : The vegetables in the picture are not included in the product. ■ Manufacturer : Nampu-Tei Co., Ltd. ■ Sales company : Japan
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Nampu-Tei Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and seller, operates an accommodation business in Furano surrounded by nature in the middle of Hokkaido. Keema curry which uses Ezo Venison, a hidden menu of Japanese inn, is made by thoroughly stir-frying Minami-Furano Venison. It has a slightly strong flavor, so it is a great dish for rice. It is ground finely and stewed well, so you don't feel the taste of deer meat. You can enjoy this dish at home normally eaten only by travelers at home. It can be eaten just by heating, so it is perfect for those who want to enjoy delicious food without taking much time, families and friends.
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