Nama Kenpi(fried sweet potato snack) 12 bag

[Product] ■ Product name : 12 bag of Namakenpi ■ Contents : Contents : 45g x 8 bags Best before date : 180 days manufacture Ingredients : sweet potato (Tosa red kintoki), vegetable oil (canola oil) Display of nutrition facts : (1 bag per 45g) ・ Energy : 216 kcal ・ Protein 1.1g ・ Lipid 8.9g ・ Carbohydrate 32.9g ・ Equivalent of salt 0.01g Storage method : Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. ■ Manufacturer name : Rikyu ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Individual Packaging Size : (Width 105 mm x Depth 55 mm x Height 195 mm)
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Deep fry sweet potato (Tosabeni kintoki) 2 times. You can eat it crunchy. Strips of Candied Sweet Potato with 0 sugars. You can enjoy it with various toppings. (It will become more delicious if you add ice cream or ketchup.) Contains 12 bags at a great price. [About Rikyu] There was a time when sweet potato (Tosa Beni Kintoki) was a staple food. With the diversification of food, farmers are aging and potatoes are becoming less popular. There are fewer farmers who can make delicious Kintoki. In order to protect the sweet potato (Tosa Beni Kintoki) and the farmers Also, in order to spread the flavor of the traditional fried sweet potato snack "Strips of Candied Sweet Potato" By delivering delicious sweet potato (Tosa Beni Kintoki) simple taste. We, Rikyu, protect farmers and connect them to our customers. A limpid stream Niyodo River that empties into the Pacific from the sacred Ishizuchi (Mt. Ishizuchi) The simplicity of Tosa Beni Kintoki (sweet potato) raised with rich red soil in the middle reaches. I will tell everyone widely.
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