Namikata Curry Seafood 10 Meals Set

[Product] ・ Product Name : Namikata Curry Seafood 10 Meals Set ・ Content : 180g / bag ・ Ingredients : onion saute (onion (Hokkaido)), curry roux (Lard, flour, table salt, curry powder, starch, etc.), squid, Lard, scallops, Genghis Khan sauce, Kanye sillago, sugars, prawn extract, spices / caramel color, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), seasonings, spices (including some prawns, crab, flour, dairy ingredients, peanuts, squid, sesame, soybeans, chicken, pork, and apples) ・ List of nutrients : 1 bag (180g) Atari Energy : 218 kcal / Protein : 5.6g / Lipid : 14.2g / Carbohydrate : 17.8g / Salt equivalent : 2.7g (estimate) Disinfection method : Sealed in an airtight vessel and sterilized by pressurization and heating ・ Storage method : Store at room temperature. Consume immediately after opening.
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This is a set of chicken and seafood from Namikata Curry, which Namikata has spent about 2 years and developed through trial and error over and over! As I traveled around the world, I enjoyed the curry and spices that have been loved and nurtured in each country. On top of that, I developed this curry out of the thought that "I would like to eat this kind of curry." I hope that you can eat Namikata curry with a smile while sitting around the table with your loved ones. The hidden flavor is "Genghis Khan sauce", which is unique to Hokkaido, and expresses a deep body, fragrance of spices, moderate spiciness and mellowness. It was released due to the damage caused by the corona, but I would be happy if I could help my mom and employees as much as possible during this period when I have to make 3 meals a day. With the slogan "Every Friday is Curry Day", let's overcome Corona by improving our immune system! <> Place the product in boiling water without breaking the seal, and heat for about 5 minutes. * When using the microwave, please be sure to transfer the product to another container and cover it with plastic wrap. If the product is left as it is, it may explode. If you do not cover it with plastic wrap, it may scatter. Please be careful when removing the plastic wrap as hot ingredients or sauce may splash. This is a product which Mr. Namikata, a developer, thinks deeply. Please try it once! In this situation, I will bring a little happiness to the world. I am sure you will feel happy.
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