Nippon Mago roku "Kanemoto Saku" Top-of-the-line Kitchen Knife V Kin No. 10 Main Cutting Part 1 Stacked 33 Layer Common Mouthpiece Mahogany Pattern

[Product] ■ Product Name : "Kanemoto Saku" Top-of-the-line Kitchen Knife V Gold No. 10 (Molybdenum, Cobalt Steel) Main Cut 33 Layers ■ Contents : 1 high-grade kitchen knives (in a special box) ■ Manufacturer : Toyosaka Co., Ltd. ■ Country of Origin : Japan (Seki City) ■ Body Size : Body Blade Length 180 mm, Total Length 300 mm, Blade Thickness 2 mm, Total Width 45 mm, Weight 0.18 kg ■ Case Size : Length 340 x Width 72 x Thickness 25 mm, Weight 0.08 kg ■ Specifications and Materials : 16 Layer Stainless Steel x 2, Blade V Gold No. 10 (Molybdenum, Cobalt Steel) Main Cut / Double Blade / Stainless Steel Common Mouthpiece / Stainless Steel Caulking third Order / Pattern Material is Mahogany Laminated Reinforced Wood / Basket (Grip Part of Main Body) is Combined Pattern Type for Full Grip ■ Usage : For cooking [Product Notes] * After use, wash with hot water (or cold water) and wipe the blade carefully with a dry cloth. You can keep it clean for a long time. ※ In order to keep the sharpness, please sharpen occasionally. ※ For frozen foods, please thaw them before cutting or use a kitchen knife for freezing. ※ Please store out of the reach of children. * Please do not use for anything other than the intended purpose. * The color, size and material of the picture may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the circumstances. Please understand in advance. * Product and package specifications may change without notice. Please understand in advance. ■ Please do not bring this product into the aircraft. Please make sure to put it in the checked baggage and carry it. ■ This product is a cutting tool. Please take care not to cause any accidents or injuries. ■ Please do not use this product in a dangerous manner.
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The core material of the blade is V gold No. 10 (molybdenum cobalt steel) and it is 33 layered steel sandwiched by stainless steel. I finished the surface with the first step and carefully ground. By conducting non-oxidation hardening and sub 0 treatment at - 75 ° C to realize a stable structure arrangement, it is finished into an ideal blade that is harder, less rusting and more tough. The mouthpiece is a joint mouthpiece that is integrated with the blade, preventing water and dirt from entering between the handle material and the inside, and also has a high-class feel. The handle is a matching pattern type, and the basket from the back to the stomach gives you a sense of security and weight. Excellent sharpness, usability, durability and beautiful appearance. This is a rare item that has inherited the techniques of making Japanese swords, which is a tradition of Seki City, the town of ※'' cutlery. *' Kanemoto' with the inscription of the famous sword craftsman' Magoroku Kanemoto' in Seki no Mago roku = Trademark Registration No. 4463269,' Nippon Mago roku' = Trademark Registration No. 5822787
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