Medium-Tip Caligraphy Brush (Model 02)

[Product Details] ■ Product Name: Medium-Tip Caligraphy Brush (Model 02) ■ Contents: Size: 12 x 54 mm Hardness: slightly hard Bristle Brush: weasel, horsetail hair, wool ■ Manufacturer: Akashiya Co., Ltd. ■ Country of Origin/ Region: Japan ■ Usage: The tip of this brush is hardened with glue, so you need to wash the tip of the brush to match the thickness of the letters and lines you want to write. Wash the brush tip according to your preferences. To wash the tip of the brush, soak the brush tip in lukewarm water and lightly rub with your fingers to remove the glue. You may also use a piece of paper or cloth moistened with water to remove the glue. [Product Notes] It is important to take care of the brush after each use to prolong its shelf life. 1. After use, wash away the ink with cold or lukewarm water and dry thoroughly with the tip facing down. Do not use detergent when washing. 2. Do not cap after use. You can discard the cap. 3. Do not store or leave in a room with direct sunlight or heat. This may cause the brush handle to crack.
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An all-purpose, medium-tipped caligraphy brush made by Akashiya, an established brush maker with a long history in Nara Prefecture. It is an excellent brush that can be used by a wide range of people from beginners to advanced. Ideal for writing Chinese or Japanese characters. It is easy to write with and can effortlessly express the basic Tome, Hane and Harai brush strokes. Compatible with various calligraphy styles such as Kaisho, Gyosho and Sosho.
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