NON Iron Shape Memory Fine Cotton 100 Double Yarn Broad Gingham Check Japanese High Quality Y-Shirt Material High Quality Easy Care

[Product] ■ Product Name : NON Iron Shape Memory Fine Cotton 100 Gingham Check ■ Contents : (FINEYARN No. 100 Twin Thread) High quality gingham check Red x White, Brown x White, Blue x White, Purple x White, Navy x White) ■ Manufacturer name : ASAP CREATION Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : (This product uses Middle East cotton and Egyptian cotton. Weaving and finishing -> Japan) ■ Size : (145 cm width * 1m unit) ■ Material : Cotton 100% ■ Usage : DIY, handmade [Product Notes] ■ This item has undergone shape memory processing, but it does not mean that it will not be wrinkled. There may be wrinkles peculiar to cotton. I hope you can enjoy it including that.
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100% cotton FINEYARN High quality Japanese 145 cm Width 100 Strands Gingham Check * 1m Unit 5 Color Development Shape Memory Cotton Gingham check This is a high quality Y-shirt material that does not need an iron and is made from carefully woven high quality cotton fine yarn with shape memory processing. This is a high quality broadcloth material that is firm yet elegant and refreshing with the suppleness of fine cotton. This item is made of a delicate yet strong easy-care fabric that does not lose its shape after washing. The yarn made from high-grade raw cotton by the spinning method is twisted more beautifully and is carefully woven with a vintage loom. Although it is a beautiful thread, it is made of 100% cotton, so it very dry and easy to care for. Single weaving. Broadcloth. It is not a double gauze. Please choose a color. The fabric is sold in units of 2 meters. Including cutting and packing. Example) Please contact us if you want to purchase 1 pieces → 2m, 2 pieces → 4m, 4 pieces → 8m 5 or more. This is a special order item that is limited in quantity and specially prepared in the production area. You cannot return the item as it is sold by cut. This item is also recommended for men's dress shirts, Y-shirts, blouses, and accessories such as pullover and drawstring pouch. It is also recommended to use this item as a blouse, a smock, or a light jacket for children. Available in 5 colors : red and white, brown and white, blue and white, purple and white, and navy and white. It will be handled as a pattern, so if you use it as a mask, please use it according to your original image and specifications. * This is a delicate, strong, versatile and excellent product made of the finest FINEYARN fine count. * We keep the humidity at 75% and work in an environment where fibers are lively. * From the time of loading to cutting, packing and shipping, ethanol is injected, and the work room is treated with moist sterilization with hypochlorous acid water. ASAP CREATION Co., Ltd., a development company that handles luxury brands and high-brand products from all over the world, manufactures high-quality, safe and sustainable materials.
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