Nylon Carp Streamer (Kaname) 1.5m (Single Item)

[Contents] Nylon Carp Streamer 1.5m (Single Item)

■ Contents : 1.5m Carp Streamer 1 Colors : 5 Types (Choose 1 Types of Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange)

■ Manufacturer : Watanabe Koinobori Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin / region : Japan

■ Product size : vertical 36 cm x horizontal (length) 150 cm

■ Weight : 0.08 kg

■ Material : Cloth : Nylon, Ring : PP (Polypropylene), String : PE Film

■ Usage : As an interior decoration, it is hung on a wall or on an outdoor entrance.

[Product Notes] ■ Please do not hang it outside for a long time. Do not use bleach or dry cleaning for washing. Hand washable (no cleaning) When washing, wash by hand and dry well. If left wet, the color may transfer. Also, if you pull too hard, the fabric may be damaged or torn.

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Koinobori is a traditional Japanese symbol of good luck. It has been passed down since the Edo period in Japan, and it is a traditional decoration to celebrate the birth of a child and pray to the god of heaven to grow up safely. It is made from a fish called carp. The reason is that "koi" is called "shusseuo" in Japan and is said to be a very lucky fish. It is designed with Japanese traditional colorful colors and patterns on the basis of carp's image and printed on nylon fabric. Hang it on a wall as an interior of the room, or hang it on an outdoor entrance. While you can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Japan, it will surely bring good fortune to your family.
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