Okinawa Flat Lemon 100% Juice 500ml 12Piece Set

■ Content : 500 ml x 12
■ Manufacturer name : Okinawa aloe Co., Ltd.
■ Ingredients : Flat Lemon
■ Country of origin / region : Japan / Okinawa
■ Best before date : 10 months from the date of manufacture
■ Caution : Please be careful when opening. After opening, store in refrigerator. Shake well before drinking.

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This is an additive-free juice made from 100% Flat Lemon, a special product of Okinawa.
This product has a sour taste, so please dilute it before drinking.
We are particular about our own factories in Okinawa Prefecture so that you can drink with confidence.
In addition, since it is 100% fruit juice, it retains the flavor and flavor of the Flat Lemon and the nutrients are condensed as it is.
I want you to take it without worries. It is manufactured in our own factory with a focus on additive-free products.
Safety (1) Okinawa Prefecture 100%:
This product uses only Flat Lemon produced in the northern Yanbaru area of Okinawa! Yanbaru This product uses fresh and nutritious Flat Lemon as it is delivered directly contract with Okinawan aloe, so we use fresh and nutritious!
Safety (2) Rich Juice 100%:
I wanted you to enjoy the flavor and nutrients of the Flat Lemon, so I made it with 100% fruit juice! Fresh fruits and vegetables delivered directly from the farmhouse are quickly squeezed, so it has rich nutrition as well as flavor and taste. Also, this product does not use any sugars, so you can enjoy the original flavor of Flat Lemon.
Safety (3) Additive-free:
Contains no additives, preservatives or coloring, and contains 100% Flat Lemon. This product does not contain anything other than Flat Lemon so that you can drink it with a genuine sense of security.
Safety (4) In-house manufacturing:
Each product is carefully manufactured in our own factory. Also, we manage the products thoroughly, so you can drink with confidence.

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