PICO (Facial Acupressure Stick)


■ Product Name : Small Face Stick Pico

■ Contents : 1 yellow

■ Manufacturer name : Bijin Yoga Federation

■ Country of origin / region : Japan

■ Size : Length 132 mm x Diameter 12 mm

■ Material : Stainless Steel, Aluminum

■ How to use : Stimulate your face for several 1 days.

[Product Notes]

■ When pushing around the eyes, please be careful as it may be slippery due to sebum.

■ Those you have sensitive skin that is prone to skin problems due to external stimuli such as physical irritation, dryness or ultraviolet rays, or internal stimuli such as stress or physical condition, please consult a dermatologist or doctor before using this product.

■ In particular, if the layer is disturbed due to dryness, the stimulus is likely to enter through the gap between the layer, which tends to cause sensitive skin. Therefore, please be sure to follow the instructions.

■ Pico is a metal rod shaped instrument that stimulates reflective areas, pressure points, etc. Those with metal allergies should refrain from using this product. Materials : Stainless Steel (Body), Aluminum (Tip Pin)

■ Please do not use this product for a long time. (About 3 minutes 1 times 1 day is enough. )

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The small face stick "Pico" can be used for only 1 minutes in 1 day to care for a small face.

It is a beauty device that was born from the idea of yoga, and you can just stimulate the pressure points on your face with a pico.

Effective for wrinkles, wrinkles, eye care, and lift-up.

It only takes 1 minutes in 1 day to stimulate your skin, not just your skin trouble.

You can also take care of your physical condition.

It's easy to do, so you can continue without effort! 98% of the respondents felt the difference in 7 days! (Questionnaires were collected through a monitor survey / in-house survey)

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