[Relaxation & Beauty Bath with Esthetic Imabari Towel Beautifying Hot Water Pack] 2 Sheets + White Box w / Name 1 Sheet

[Product Details]

■ Contents : 2 sheets of quantity + White Box w / Name 1 Sheet

Color : Off-white

Material : Extra-Long Cotton Cloud Gokochi

Size : Width 43 x Height 32 cm

■ Manufacturing : Maruyama Towel Co., Ltd. 3-1-48 Higashi Nagaikecho, Imabari-shi (Manufacturer name : Original Kaji)

■ Country of origin : Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan

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Ehime's pride and joy, selected as one of the 100 best products in Ehime, certified as "SUGOMONO". Comes with an Imabari brand name certification tag. These towels are made of Imabari towels and can be used every day in the bath, washroom, and kitchen. The towel is made of Imabari towel and is specially designed for use as a pack. The warmth of the steam and the comfort of the high-grade towel will bring you a moment of healing time. If you accumulate stress from daily tension, it will lead to lowering of your immune system. Let's spend our short time in the morning and evening as much as possible to "feel good!" in the morning and evening! It will help you relax and get a good night's sleep. Warmth and warmth make people's hearts gentler. A little effort will help keep your body and mind healthy. The "Imabari Towel Beautiful Skin Hot Water Pack" will help you with that. This product is a registered invention.

■This product is a design registered invention. An inventor developed this product for herself. One day she was soaking in the bathtub and thought, "I wish I could go to a beauty salon! "I want to go to a beauty salon! She tried to use a steam towel because they used eight steam towels at the salon. I folded a regular face towel in half horizontally, squeezed it with hot water, and placed it on my face. Then the top half folded up and hung down, which was not comfortable at all. So, what kind of towel could I use to make a comfortable steam pack by myself? That was the start of my invention. How can I make a towel pack that doesn't fall off, doesn't break, is comfortable, and cleanses my skin? First, I drew a shape on a notebook or copy paper. I draw circles, ovals, etc., and then cut them out with scissors and place them on my face to change their size. At the same time, I collect materials such as Imabari and Senshu towels, and use my own towels one after another as materials for prototypes. There are still about 20 prototypes left today. When Fuji TV came to cover the event, they wanted to take pictures of them, so I laid them out on the table. The final product is the current shape, material, and sewing. It was completed with the cooperation of Maruyama Towel Co. It took three years of hard work from the start to completion. There are two features of the Bihada Yu Pack. First, it is a mushroom shape with ears and a hole in the middle, which covers the face up to the bottom of the chin. The hole is placed over the nose to create an air hole. The mimi of the pack that covers both ears is lightly pressed with the palm to achieve the "no fall, no break" effect. Also, the feeling is much different, like the ear pressure point effect. It fits perfectly along the face with its uneven, curved contours. Its generous size covers the chin and neck. This product is also popular among men because of its generous size. Men have a lot of sebum, so the steam pack cleanses the skin. It opens up the pores and cleans out the sebum and dirt from the pores. Cleanliness increases your sensitivity and enhances your work ability. Give your skin a good cleaning after a hard day's work. Imabari Towel Beautiful Skin Hot Water Pack is good for use with cosmetics. For example, when you wash your face with cleanser or foundation that tends to stay in the pores, you can use a little steamed towel to pack it to clean the pores. It is like applying steam to a beauty device. Also, using it after a cosmetic pack makes it easier to remove the pack material. If you use it on top of a cosmetic pack, the pack effect will be enhanced. For whitening, apply whitening cosmetics to your face and then apply a skin whitening pack. The same goes for treatment cosmetics. Both of them increase the cosmetic power and make your skin beautiful.

[how to use]Squeeze the towel in slightly hot water (Do not use boiling or hot water. Put the mushroom-shaped head on top and the Imabari towel certification tag on the bottom, pick it up with both hands, and put it on your forehead with the air hole aligned with your nose. Press the ears of the towel together with your palms, and lightly press down on your cheeks, eyelids, and forehead. You can repeat it twice. It is not disposable and can be used repeatedly for a long time. It's also good for the environment.

■It's also great as a commercial product. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is a light and portable product that can be used for business as a relaxation tool for a stressed society and as a skin care product that men are also interested in. You can sell them as a side business to online stores, marchés, or your favorite barber/beauty salon. You can also place them next to the cash registers of your local hot springs, bathing facilities, sports gyms, and cafes. We live in an age where even major companies have side businesses. This is the era of buying ramen noodles from Yamato Transport. I would be happy if the Imabari Towel Beautiful Skin Hot Water Pack can heal people around the world and enrich their business (inventor, Kaji Keiko).

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