[8. Souvenirs] KuruKuru Vegetable Slicer 2-Piece Set

It is easy to slice vegetables by turning them around like a pencil sharpener.
You can slice vegetables into thin strips (coarse, fine, wiggly, etc.).
When using thin vegetables, use the attached special guide plate.
It also comes with a special push stick for smaller vegetables.
It can be stored neatly with the special stand.
OMOTENASHI Selection 2020 award-winning product.

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How to use KuruKuru Vegetable Slicer

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■ Product name:Kuru kuru vegetable slicer 2 pieces set
■ Contents:3 kinds of slicer + peeler, push stick, guide plate, and stand for 2 sets of total 6 items.
■ Manufacturer name: Okabe Western Tableware Co.
■ Country of origin: Japan (Niigata Prefecture)
■ Size: 84 (W) x 108 (D) x 158 (H) mm (when set and stacked)
■ Material: ABS resin, stainless steel blade steel, polypropylene resin
■ How to use: Insert long vegetables such as radishes, carrots, cucumbers, etc. into the main body like a pencil sharpener and turn the vegetable side to slice it like a noodle. When the vegetables become too short, you can use the special push stick to use the vegetables without waste. If you use the peeler, you don't need a knife. For thin vegetables, use the guide plate to make turning easier.
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