Ruriyu No. 9 Clay Pot family set

[Product] ■ Product Name : Ruri Yuyu No. 9 Clay Pot + Ruri Yumaru Kobachi 6 Set ■ Contents : (e.g., contents, all ingredients, quantity, size, color, green, etc.) ■ Manufacturer name : ■ Country of origin : (Japan) ■ Size : Clay Pot (Width 280 x Depth 330 x Height 165 mm) Small Bowl (Width 13 x Height 55 mm) ■ Material : ■ Usage : [Product Notes] ■ The main body of the clay pot can be used in a gas direct flame microwave oven. The small bowl can be used only in a microwave oven. In order to remove the impurities from the rough soil before using the clay pot for the first time, boil the water used to wash the rice or the waste vegetables for about 10 minutes. The clay pot will tighten and become strong. Can be used normally from the second time. It is dangerous to use this product for deep-fried foods such as tempura and fries. Do not use this product under any circumstances as it may cause fire. Do not use this product without water. Before use, wipe the outside of the clay pot thoroughly and use from low heat. When touching a heated clay pot, be careful not to burn yourself by using a pot holder. When placing on a table, please use a trivet. Do not place the hot pot in a cool place. In rare cases, water may seep out from the bottom of the pot, but it will heal if you add the water used to wash the rice and bring it to a boil. After use, wash well to prevent mold and odor, and store after drying thoroughly in a place with good Kazato.
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It is a deep green clay pot with a calm Yokkaichi Banko ware. This clay pot can be used not only for direct flame, but also for microwave and oven. Clay pots cook ingredients more slowly than regular stainless pots, so they are also suitable for long time stewed dishes. The far-infrared effect brings out the flavor of the ingredients.
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