Shijira Weave Sling w / Ring 5 Colors Baby Carrier sola Sora Sora

[Product] ■ Product Name : Shijira Weave Sling w / Ring 5 Colors Baby Carrier sola Sora Sora ■ Contents : (Quantity 1, Color 5 → Green, Yellow, Pink, Light milky type, Light cream type, Width 110 cm) ■ Manufacturer name : Hikari Planning Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin : (Japan) ■ Usage : Baby sling.
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Sola-Sola is an original brand planned by Hikari Co., Ltd., which is a specialized workshop for baby sling. The design is simple and easy to use, and each item is handmade by skilled craftsmen. All products come with PL insurance, so you can use it with confidence. Sola's sling is designed to hold the baby in a rounded position, as if the baby were inside the mother's stomach, so that the baby can use it comfortably. By keeping a natural shishi lion painting, it doesn't put a burden on the spine and buttocks of the baby. This item is useful for various childcare scenes every day, such as when you sleep in the house, breast-feeding, or when you have a rash. You can spend a peaceful time just by gently supporting it with your mother's arm. It is woven with the intention of different thickness, and the surface is delicately uneven. Thanks to the unevenness of the surface called ""Shibo"", the texture is good and the fabric is light and breathable. It is also excellent in absorbency, so it is often used for clothes and bedclothes. Shijira-ori is the best material for slings, because it not only reduces the stuffiness in the sweaty season, but also maintains the appropriate temperature in winter.
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