Short Sleeve One Piece Black / No. 2 4

[Product Contents] Product : Short Sleeve Dress Content : (Size 2/4, Color Color) Manufacturer : SPORTIFF ■ Country of origin : (Japan) Size : (Bust 90 length : 56 sleeves length : 12 shoulder width : 35 hem width : 96 cm) Material : Cotton 70% Polyester 30% Use : [Precautions for Products] ■ Washing machine OK
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Fabric, pattern, color. This is a "standard smooth" match. Smooth is the name of a smooth fabric of the same stitch on both sides of both sides. It can be said to be a material with a moderate elasticity and elasticity on the face of your eyes. This is a sportifolignal fabric woven with 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend. This material is characterized by its excellent moisture absorbing properties and the lightness of polyester and the stability of the physical properties. This is a characteristic of smooth skin that doesn't stick to your skin. In summer, when high temperature and humidity, especially washing times, are more frequent, it is important to be able to withstand repeated washing. The standard smooth has an advantage that it has a slight shrinkage, but it doesn't break down. It does not wrinkle easily, and dries quickly after washing. The reason for the hit is that you only have to take care of your home at home. This thickness also gives you the advantage of being able to wear 1 sheets of inner wear without worrying about the inner wear. Even in hot summer even in hot summer, the camisole or T-shirt can be worn as a result. Chic monotone pattern can be worn daily or elegantly. The one piece dress that can be worn anywhere at any time is sure to be a versatile item that has a high probability of being taken from the closet in the first place in the morning. You can switch the princess line. I can see it.
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