ShunQ Face Towel 7 Color Set

[Product] ■ Product name : ShunQ Face Towel 7 Color Set ■ Contents : (Quantity : 7 Colors x 1 Sheets, Material Cotton 100%, Color : White, Beige, Navy, Ice Blue, Rose Pink, Mustard, Wine Red) ■ Manufacturer name : Golden port ■ Country of Origin : Vietnam ■ Size : (Height 850 mm x Width 340 mm)
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It is highly absorbent and absorbs water well. It is voluminous every time you wash it. It is breathable and dries quickly. The secret of the function is "Super 0", the world's first patented yarn developed by Asano Twist Co., a Japanese company with a long history. We twist cotton yarn and water-soluble yarn that melts in hot water together. By dissolving only the water-soluble thread, the cotton thread expands and creates a space for air, so it becomes a fluffy towel with a fluffy volume. Compared to ordinary towels. ・ Although the weight is the same, the thickness is 2 times the volume and light. • Quick drying of about 130% Up. • Improves water absorption by approximately 60%. • Does not deteriorate easily even when washed. - The more you wash it, the more it will evolve. Towels that come in direct contact with the skin should always be comfortable. This ShunQ is the 1 cards that fulfill such a wish. I'm sure I can't go back to another towel.
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