Soy Isoflavones + 46 Ingredients Women's Supplement Estro Power

Content : 31.56g (263 mg x 120 tablets)
Ingredients : soybean extract (containing isoflavone aglycone), vitamin-E containing vegetable oils, super food mix (okra, cabbage, kale, Powdered Ginseng, pumpkin, burdock root, purple sweet potato, taro, Angelica Keiskei, asparagus, edamame (soybean), komatsuna, celery, radish, radish leaf, onion, parsley, spinach, lemon, lotus root, lotus root), red wine extract, zinc-yeast, horse placenta extract, barley lactic fermentation liquid, (b) lactic acid bacteria mixture / crystalline cellulose, gelatin, ferric pyrophosphate, glycerin fatty acid ester, V. Chia Seed Chenopodium quinua baobab B6, silicon dioxide, modified starch, folic acid, eggshell Ca, V. C, niacin, pantothenic acid Ca, V. B1, V. B2, glycerin, V. B12, (including some milk components, soybeans, eggs, and gelatin)
 -Main ingredient content (in 4 tablets) : about 30 mg of soybean isoflavone (as argorin type), 400 μ g of folic acid
Distributor : Kumargah E Yakuhin Co., Ltd.
Country of Origin : Japan Expiration date : Listed on the product itself
Usage : Take 4 tablets per 1 day with cold or hot water.

・Please follow the recommended amount for 1 day.
・Those who are pregnant or undergoing medical treatment should consult a doctor before taking this product.
・High intake does not improve health.
・Those with food allergies should refer to the ingredients listed above.
・In the unlikely event that the product does not suit your constitution, please discontinue use immediately.
[Storage method]
Before opening : Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
After opening : Close the zipper and store.
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● New multi-supplement for women! It contains a good balance of 47 kinds of ingredients that are good for women. This is a supplement for women that is recommended not only for those who feel the "fluctuation" of menopausal women but also for those who are pregnant. The mental and physical "fluctuation" of women from menopause is mostly caused by the decrease of estrogen. Estrogen is also important for young women as well as pregnant women. ● This product does not contain any additives such as synthetic preservatives, flavors, or coloring. ● We mixed the ingredients of "Estro-power" based on the data and standards of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and related organizations, - Soybean isoflavone (argorin type) : about 30mg/4 tablets - Folic acid 400 μ g/4 tablets. Factors that disturb a woman's balance of physical and mental health and normal pregnancy not only aging but also eating habits, sleep, stress, lack of exercise can be considered. Among them, daily meals are very important to supply necessary nutrients to the body. It is necessary to take not only isoflavone and folic acid but also other nutrients in a good balance. Estro-power contains a good balance of important nutrients that are difficult to take from daily meals. ● Please take 2 to 4 tablets per 1 day with cold or hot water. Please adjust the number of tablets to 4 in maximum according to your diet and physical condition.
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