Dig Sinker 80 Hybrid Balance Bow 2.0-1.0-400


■ Product Name : DIG SINKER 80 Hybrid Balance Bow 2.0-1.0-400

■ Manufacturer name : Sunny Shoji (SUNNY)

■ Country of origin : Japan

■ Size : Weight : 80 (300g) Balance : Arm Length 40 cm

■ Material : Stainless Steel Shape Memory Alloy Lead

■ Usage : It's a fishing tackle.

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This is a collecting fish and a hybrid balance. Sinker : The shovel fin winds up the sand on the bottom of the sea and strongly appeals to the territorial consciousness of the fish. Dig sinker digs up the sand every time it is poked on the bottom of the sea. Hybrid Arm : This is a hybrid balance (Arm) that combines a flexible stainless steel wire and a soft and flexible shape memory wire (nickel-titanium alloy). The flexible shape memory wire encourages fish to bite into the balance, and the stainless steel wire away. Stainless Steel Wire Diameter φ 2.0 mm Shape Memory Wire Diameter φ 1.0 mm.
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