SR-2412 45 th Hello Kitty Deluxe Inn London

[Product Details] Ceramic Lace Doll ■ Product name : forty fifth Hello Kitty Deluxe Inn London ■ Manufacturer name : KK Nagoya Ningyo Seito Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Size : 120mmx120mmx150mm ■ Material : Porcelain ■ Usage : Doll [Product Notes] ■ The point to not to hold the lace when taking out the item from the box. Take it out. When you wind the screw of the music box, be careful not to wind it too much. Please.
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This is the only Japanese ceramic race doll made. It is made with time and effort. It is used as a gift in both the public and private sectors due to its overwhelming presence and beauty created by high technology. This technology is also presented to the Imperial Family. It is made of high-grade clay for the oselen. The theme of the race doll is that the real race is coated with soil and baked at 1300 ℃. The theme of the race doll is British. Hello Kitty is a cute Kitty race doll with British soldiers.
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