Sunset Mountain beer glass

[Product Contents] ■ Brand name : Sunset mountain beer glass ■ Content : 240g ■ Manufacturer's name : Tsukiyono Kobo ■ Country of origin : Japan Size : ((approx.) 8 cm x height 11 cm x depth 8 cm) ■ Material : Soda glass [Precautions for Products] ■ There are individual differences in color and shape due to hand made.
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The evening of the sunset, a beer glass of "Tsukiyono Kobo" (The Evening sunset), which is followed by a long-established glass company established in 1905. As the name suggests, there is a mountain art in which you can feel nostalgia at the bottom of a glass. If you pour a beer into this glass, it looks like a local mountain like a local mountain floating in the sky of sunset. The clouds drawn on the glass side make it feel like a nice feeling. While looking at the mountains of my home country, I think of my family and friends in a distance, and I want to enjoy beer and enjoy the fall of autumn. It is finished in such a famous glass. A glass of glass that is located on the bottom of the mountain of Tanigawadake, which is located on the border between Gunma Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture, one of the 100 mountains of Japan. Not only beer, but also soft drinks can be filled with soft drinks. 0 Special Note : The color may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the circumstances (such as the amount of light, etc.) or the use environment such as your personal computer monitor. ※ Because of handmade products, there are individual differences in color and shape. * There are bubbles in the manufacturing process, but it is not broken, so please feel free to do so. ※ It is not a heat-resistant glass, so please do not pour hot water. Rapid cooling and rapid heating may cause cracking. * Please do not use a dishwasher or a dishwasher. ※ Please do not put in the refrigerator. ※ Please do not use cleanser, sponge containing abrasive, or metal scrubbing. ※ Please do not use this product to store knives, forks, or spoons. Damage to the glass may lead to damage. ※ After use, please remove dirt quickly and store it in a natural drying condition. 0 size (approx.) : Horizontal 8 cm height 11 cm x depth 8 cm 0 exterior size (approx.) : Horizontal 10 cm height 12.5 cm depth 10 cm 0 weight (approx.) : 240g 0 material : soda glass 0 producing : Japan
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