Tamba Tachikui Yaki Kiln Strange Tea Utensils

■ Country of origin / region : Sasayama City, Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan ■ Manufacturer : Tamba ware ■ Material : Tamba ware Clay ■ Usage : Place the tea leaves in a teapot, pour in hot water, wait a moment and then pour into a teacup. [Product Notes] ■ Microwave heating, dishwasher available / oven, no direct fire
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Tamba Tachikui-yaki is one of the 6 oldest kilns in Japan, and has been used for more than 800 years since the opening of the kiln. It is simple, has no decorations, and has a rustic taste for everyday use. This product is sent by Tansei Gama, which continues to preserve the tradition of Nobori-gama, which is one of characteristics. Using pine wood for firing, it is characterized by the "natural glaze" created by the adhesion of ash and charcoal, and by the fact that the surface of the work is exposed to flame, which creates different colors and patterns. The more you use it, the more the surface will become smooth and smooth, and the deeper the luster and color will become, so you can enjoy it as it changes over time. It comes with a wooden box for 2 guests, so you can use it as a gift.
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