Toe Stretch Device "Foot Swing genki-kun" Hard Type S Size

[Product] ■ Product Name : Toe Stretch Device "Ashiyumi genki-kun" Hard type * Recommended for those who are not satisfied with the soft texture. ■ Contents : 1 set of 2 (both feet), all ingredients : polyethylene foam ■ Color : Red / Blue ■ Manufacturer : Doctor L Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin : Japan ■ Size : S size (about 20.5 to 24.0 cm) ■ Material : Polyethylene Special Foam ■ Usage : A device that attaches to the toes to enhance the flexibility of the fingers. [Product Notes] Please stop using this product if you feel any abnormalities on your toes during use.
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It hurts, but it feels good! If you put it on your toes, your feet will feel better. It is a toe stretching instrument "Ashiyumi genki-kun". Do you have any trouble like this? ・ Cold feet and swelling - Frequent injuries in sports - Body strain is a concern. - Wearing pumps or pointed shoes makes your feet tired. ・ I want to improve toe problems such as hallux valgus, hallux valgus and 浮指. Why does this kind of trouble happen? That's because the strength of the toes is weakened. In the past, people were able to move around on the soil with bare feet using 5 toes freely. However, in recent years, vehicles and other means of transportation have increased, and the time for people to use their feet has decreased. Then, what kind of change will be brought about to our body if we don't exercise? If you don't do exercise, not only your legs but also your whole body will be weak. Therefore, it can be said that the strength of the toes of modern people is lower than in the past. Originally speaking of toes in a healthy state, the toes of children in early childhood are ideal. It can be said that the movement of each and flexible movement of each toe is an important function of human beings. It is said that women are especially likely to lose muscle strength. The reason is that women often wear pointed shoes or high heel pumps. If you wear these shoes for a long time, your toes will be tightened and your toes will be pressed. If this condition continues for days, I can't hold on with my toes. In addition, the blood flow of the pressed foot tip worsens. Poor blood flow is the cause of cold and swelling. In this way, many women are now suffering from leg trouble. What was developed to solve these foot problems It is a toe stretching instrument "Ashiyumi genki-kun". ○ 3 Characteristics of genki-kun - Fits each toe with the three dimensional shape that matches the shape of the foot. Therefore, it is possible to spread the finger firmly from the base without straining. ・ It reproduces the feeling of muscle so that it fits to human skin. The soft type has the elasticity of the muscle when you relax, and the hard type has the elasticity of the muscle when you relax. • As it does not absorb water, it can be used hygienically without worries as it only needs to be wiped even when used during bathing.
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