Kleier S (with runnmat) / size : length 65 cm x width 65 cm x height 40 cm (color : white)

Product name : Cree S. R (included with luncheon mat) ■ Material : polyethylene, iron, vinyl chloride, vinyl chloride, manufacturer's name : Finite company Daiko (DAIKO) : The length of time between 650 mm × 650 mm and 400 mm in size and 12 kg less than 15 months of age and 7 months of age. ・ The time for the continuous use time / baby to sit on the walker is 1 times 20 minutes or less. It is desirable to spend a total of 1 hours to 2 hours on the first. Note : The product should not be left unattended by the child while the product is in use. Do not lift the child on board. Before putting on the child, make sure to check the joint stopper on the joint. You can put 2 children on the seat at the same time and put them on a seat. It is not used in places with slope, stair or step difference. (The entrance of the stairs, entrance of the veranda, step difference of the entrance door). The walker may fall down, and children may fall and hurt.
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★ If it's folded, it becomes a compact 9 cm thick. This is a mild and rich table that is easy to eat. Adjust the height adjustment with the crotch of the seat seat on the seat seat. In 2014, the product approved by Katsushika brand in Tokyo. It has a smooth and smooth finish. There are no tables in the Japanese economy standard products. The table is simple, so it's easy to wipe out even if you spill out of the table. * A fall-prevention muffler that prevents scratches on the floor and reduces the noise of the running noise. ★ Seat seats (Vinyl) 9 mm (Vinyl) 18 mm (Vinyl) ★ If you put a double-structured runn-mat, you can stop the movement of the walker and don't get dirty even if you spill it on the floor.
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