【PBLOCK】Container Set 2000 sp


■ Product Name : PBLOCK Container Set 2000 sp

■ Contents : (2000 pieces in 10 colors : white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, ash, ocher, yellow-green, brown)

■ Manufacturer : Terratec Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin / region : Japan

■ Size : (340 x 245 x 155 mm)

■ Material : ABS Resin

■ Usage : You can create curves, planes, and movements by freely fitting blocks of 3 sizes : large, medium, and small.


[Product Notes]

• For safety, do not use this product for anything other than toys.

• Be sure to use mild detergent and do not use thinner or alcohol. - Attach and remove the block properly. If handled roughly, it may be damaged.

• Please do not leave the product in areas subject to high temperatures, high humidity or direct sunlight for long periods of time. It may cause discoloration, deformation or damage.

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・ PBLOCK Container Set 2000 SP can make a lot of both while having fun! It combines only 3 types of panel-shaped blocks (large, medium, and small) to create various shapes and increase your creativity! PBLOCK (PBLOCK) is a novel block toy that can create complex shapes from simple shapes just by putting parts together. You can make curved and flat surfaces that block toys are not good at, and it also increases the expressive power! - Of course, it comes with an assembly manual (10 models are included in the manual). There are many things like giraffes that everyone loves, and fun glasses that can be easily assembled. ・ Made of safe resin (ABS resin made in Japan). Parts are large (30x30x5 mm) and medium (30x15x5 mm) * (length x width x thickness) ・ The size fits perfectly into the hands of children up to the middle school years of elementary school. • Contains 2000 pieces in 10 colors. - Ideal for children of 5 or so playing together at kindergartens and nursery schools!
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