Sparkling klappiya (Pachi Pachi CLAPPERR) 3 Colors & Sticker Set

[Product] ■ Product Name : Pachi klappiya (Pachi Pachi CLAPPERR) 3 Colors & Sticker Set ■ Contents : 3 (Color : Red Green Clear) + 1 Sticker ■ Manufacturer name : BYE BYE WORLD Inc. ■ Country of origin / region : China ■ Size : (Pachi klappiya) Width 42 x Depth 82 x Height 172 mm ■ Material : ABS ■ Usage : If you grasp the stomach lever with one hand, your hands and mouth will move and you will be able to clap your hands. [Product Notes] ■ Please be careful as there are sharp edges. Please do not play roughly, such as hitting or swinging. Please do not open or close your arms or mouth forcefully. It may be damaged or you may be injured. Please do not put your finger in the mouth, chin or the gap between your arms. There is a danger of injury.
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[Pachi klappiya (Pachi Pachi CLAPPERR)] Clap your hands! When you hold the stomach lever, your hands and mouth will move and clap your hands! If you hold it in both hands, it will be more fun! It is fun that you will be addicted to it repeatedly. Great for a change of mood. Great for birthday parties, banquets, parties, karaoke, live and sports. This is a standard toy of By-Bye World that has been studying applause for 10 years. In 2013, the original "Pachi Pachi Pomoxis" was released. In 2017, a similar product was sold at a 100-yen store. In 2018, a low-priced version of "The Returned Pachi Pomoxis" was released. The returned Pachi Pomoxis was well received, and when I asked a factory to make more of it, I couldn't believe it! It became a premium product with 10 times the price on the Internet. In 2020, a completely new design "Pachi Pachi klappiya" was finally released in response to many requests. This is my third honest long-time seller. [Pachi Pomoxis Sticker (Pachi Pachi Clappy Sticker)] A cute sticker from the original Pomoxis.
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