UV Sun Visor Aqua

■ Material : Brim : Polycarbonate Main Body Outer Fabric : Polyester 100% Main Body Inner Fabric : Nylon 100% Inner Edge : Nylon 53%, Polyester 47%■ Suitable Size (Head Circumference) 54.5 ~ 59 cm ■ Product Weight : 90g ■ Country of Origin : People's Republic of China
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It rotates 360 degrees, has a long brim of about 18 cm, and protects against ultraviolet rays until the sun is tilted in the evening. The edge is made of cold material. The edge is removable, so it can be washed and used cleanly. 98% UV protection. UPF highest rank 50 +. When not in use, it can be carried compactly together. • Before use. (1) In order to prevent scratches on the brim, a transparent protective film is applied to the front and back of the brim. Be sure to remove the protective film on the front and back of the product before use. Loosen the adjuster knobs on the left and right sides of the visor to adjust the angle to your preference. After adjustment, check the tightness and tighten the adjuster knob. (2) Remove the rear zipper. Roll up the elastic part from the opposite side and fasten it with the elastic string at the end.
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