Water Steri Rise (Spray Type) 3 Pieces Set


■ Product Name : Water Steri Rise (Spray Type 500 ml)

■ Content : Ozonal (Ocean Deep Water Mineral x Ozone Micro Bubble Peroxide) x Purified Water

■ Manufacturer : Nippon TIC Co., Ltd.

■ Country of origin / region : Japan

■ Size : Height 216 mm x Diameter 60 mm

■ Material : Container -> PET Material

■ Usage : Spray this solution 30 cm away from the object you want to remove the virus, disinfect or deodorize. There is no need to wipe off or rinse the product after spraying. However, if odor or dirt remains, a lot and wipe off repeatedly.

[Product Notes] 

● Please store in a cool dark place below 25 ℃, away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

● Please do not use anything other than sterilization and deodorization.

● This product is not for drinking. This product has passed the oral toxicity test and there is no problem if it enters your mouth. However, in case you feel sick after taking this product, please consult your doctor immediately.

● If the product enters your eyes accidentally and you feel any abnormalities such as a foreign body sensation, please consult a doctor immediately.

● Depending on the material, such as fibers that are sensitive to water, or those with a label indicating that they cannot be washed with water, it may change color or quality after use. Please make sure to check it in an inconspicuous place before using.

● Do not use this product on pure wool carpets or other materials that may break when soaked into leather, furskin, Japanese clothing, lacquered 塗製 goods, rosewood, ebony, arts and crafts, dyed clothing, paper products, etc.

● If you hold only the lid, it may come off the main body and fall, so please hold the main body firmly when you move.

● This product is not sodium hypochlorite or alcohol.

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[Patent No. 5261569]

This is a new type of disinfectant deodorizing water that that is mainly composed of mineral and water which are non-chemical, organic and natural materials.

Ozone can eliminate bacteria and offensive odor substances by decomposing them.

This ozone micro-bubble is the Water Steri Rise, which has been tested by universities and third party organizations for its high level of safety.

Can also be used for babies and pets.

* WHAT IS OZORAL? https://shigenkk.com/ozoral/

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