[You'll be looking forward to taking a bath ♪ Improve your hair quality from the scalp environment! Moisturizes your skin, hair and scalp ♪ Hot water bath set ♪]

[Product] ■ Product Name : Yuagari Set ■ Contents : First Moon Shampoo 300g/First Moon Face Scream 30g/First Moon Hair Cream 30g ■ Manufacturer name : Puru Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : Japan / Fukuoka ■ Size : Shampoo Width 60 mm x Height 210 mm, Face Cream Width 55 mm x Height 36 mm, Hair Cream Width Approx. 30 mm x Height Approx. 103 mm ■ Usage : After wetting your hair thoroughly, take an appropriate amount appropriate amount in your hand, lather well, and wash your hair and scalp gently as if massaging. Especially, I recommend you to massage carefully the parts you care about. Face cream / After taking a bath or washing your face, after conditioning your skin with skin lotion, take an appropriate amount of this product in your it into your skin. If you don't want your skin to stretch a little before the skin is reformed, I recommend you to mix a little oil or apply it as a plus. Take an appropriate amount of hair cream in your hand and apply it to your scalp as if massaging your scalp or areas of concern. [Product Notes] ■ Please stop using this product if it does not suit your skin or scalp. If abnormalities such as irritation develop during or after use, please discontinue use and consult a dermatologist. Continuing to use the product may cause the symptoms to worsen. Do not use on areas with wounds, swelling, eczema, etc. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and consult a specialist such as an ophthalmologist. After opening, please remove the stain as soon as possible. Storage Method ■ Please do not store in areas subject to high or extremely low temperatures, or areas exposed to direct sunlight. This may cause changes in the quality ingredients. The fragrance may change depending on the storage condition, but this does not affect the quality of the product.
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[Shampoo] ◆ The hair changes every time you use it! This is a very popular shampoo that uses the power of the patented ingredient HEALBO (Herbo) to wash and moisturize your hair. Many customers say they are satisfied with the small bubbles. This is our store's unique super shampoo that uses a lot of special technology to incorporate the patented ingredient. From the moment you start washing, you can feel the difference in the bubbles, the difference in the texture of your hair after washing, and the smooth feeling after drying. ‼◆ This is our highly recommended product that you will definitely want to try. [Fay Scream] ◆ You will be surprised at the moment you apply it! Experience the sensation of your skin drinking! This is a face cream with a lot of Hervo's patented ingredients. You can feel the effect just by applying it thinly at the end of your regular skin care. As you continue to use it, you can see that the top layer of your skin is well moisturized. You can feel the effect more if you use it together with our enzyme. (^ ^) [Hair Cream]. By stimulating the hair root, you will be energized. Improves the scalp environment and supports the vitality of the hair root! ◆ This is a hair cream made with a special manufacturing method that takes in a lot of HEALBO (Hervo) ingredients, which is very effective in activating cells and increasing metabolism. By using this product for a long time, it helps to improve the scalp environment and increase the vitality of the hair root. When applying the cream, if you massage it to stimulate the scalp, blood circulation will be promoted and it will be more effective. [This set is recommended for those like this] - Damaged hair, dry hair, those who are concerned about thin hair, those who are concerned about hair loss, those who are not healthy in hair, dry skin, rough skin, millet, fine wrinkles.
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You're reviewing:[You'll be looking forward to taking a bath ♪ Improve your hair quality from the scalp environment! Moisturizes your skin, hair and scalp ♪ Hot water bath set ♪]