Zelkova 3.2 flower cup

[Product] ■ Product name : Zelkova 3.2 flower cup Color : Akane Suribuchi Pink, Kamiyo Suribuchi Gray, Shiraki-nuri, Aofuji, Akafuji, Momo, Hinin, Uguisu ■ Contents : Natural Wood / Lacquered Decorative Box ■ Maker name : Nurimo no Seikan Morita Shikki Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin : Japan ■ Size : Φ 90 x Height 84 mm ■ Material : Zelkova ■ Usage : As tableware [Product Notes] ■ Cannot be used in dish washers and microwave ovens The care of lacquerware is very easy. All you have to do is to put a mild detergent on a soft sponge and wash it gently. The paint may come off if washed in hot water. Also, do not wash with a cleanser or scrub brush.
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Morita Shikki Co., Ltd. It was 1909 at Yamanaka Onsen in Kaga City, Ishikawa. It is a lacquerware shop that handles everything from high-class tea utensils to daily lacquerware. As a pioneer who continues to create the tradition of lacquerware, we deliver Japanese culture to the world. Yamanaka lacquerware originated in the Tensho era (1573 - 1592). It was started by a woodworker who moved to Masago village upstream of Yamanaka Onsen in search of abundant wood resources. Rokuro ground everyday utensils are popular as souvenirs of Tojikyaku. In the Edo period, more advanced grinding and painting techniques were actively introduced. Yamanaka-nuri is both elegant and practical, and in particular, there is an excellent technique unique to Yamanaka wood ground by rokuro. We are also making efforts to develop products that are suitable for modern lifestyles and styles. The more you use it, the more color and luster it becomes, and the soft luster and warm texture of the lacquer are attractive. You can enjoy the goodness of traditional crafts by touching the real warmth. Discover new enjoyment and affluence in modern life. Mission : As a pioneer who continues to imagine the tradition of lacquering, we deliver Japanese culture to the world. Vision : I would like to ask for the realization of diverse and rich lifestyles through the products we manufacture. Products and Services : Solve customer problems through the development and manufacture of high-quality products that utilize the expertise and craftsmanship cultivated in lacquer ware. Collaborate with your company to plan and manufacture products. (History) 1909 : Shosaku Morita, the first, established as a nurishi shop. 1970 : Shosaku Morita the second established Morita Shikki Co., Ltd. 2011 : Received the Kids' Design Award for the lacquer ware made of wood for children. 2015 wikila Brand Product Certification for Yamanaka Us Ishikawaite (LED Lighting) Yamanaka lacquerware is a lacquerware production area characterized by rokuro ground, and is the top in Japan in the field of wood. There are thin grind and decorative grind in the technology of wood ground which is unique to Yamanaka lacquerware. The wood of Zelkova is beautiful. The shape is easy to hold and thin, and the spout is also good. It looks like a flower in the shape of wing warpage. You can drink it with warm coffee, cold juice or beer. It is convenient to store and can be stacked in 2 or 3 pieces.
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