Zelkova, Fukusuke 15 cm

[Product Details]

■ Product name : Zelkova, Fukusuke 15 cm

■ Size : (width 140 x depth 110 x height 150 mm display)

■Material : Natural Wood Zelkova

■ Usage : Free

[Product Precautions]

It is made of natural wood so be careful not to get dry or wet.

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Each piece is handmade by a craftsman. Only one product in the world. Our company has a history of about 40 years in Japan. We have a wide range of products, and I would like to show you some of them that are unique to Japan. This product, Fukusuke, is a lucky doll that is said to bring happiness. This is a man who sits upright and is characterized by his large head and topknot. Wearing kimono, which is a formal Japanese dress, they invite good luck. It is good to put it in a shop or anywhere you like at home.
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