Crispy Chocolate Sandwich (Cheese) (12 Piece x 20 Set)

■ Product Name : Crispy Chocolate Sandwich (Cheese) (12 Piece x 20 Set) ■ Contents : 12 sheets are packed in one box (20 bags) ■ Product Description : Chocolate Confectionery ■ Ingredients : Chocolate (manufactured in Japan), margarine, sugar, flour, egg white, shortening, natural cheese, milk, salt, treshaas, fragrance, baking powder, lecithin ■ Allergens : eggs, milk, wheat ■ Storage method : Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. ■ Best before date : 180 days from the production date ■ Sales company : Kitami Suzuki Confectionery Co., Ltd. ■ Country of production : Kitami City, Hokkaido (Japan)
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This product uses Parmesan cheese and mascarpone cheese which are made from milk in Hokkaido. This is a luxurious chocolate sandwich cookie with a rich flavor and aroma.
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