Frame Purse Long Wallet / GWA-0015

"Size : Width 19.5 x Depth 1.8 x Height 10.5 cm Weight : Approx. 145g Material : Cotton 100%, Tyvek Lining Rayon Country of Origin : Japan 《Notes on Purchasing》 Since the industrial materials of that time are reused, the surface is cleaned, but stains and dirt may remain. These are left as they are as part of the design texture. ・The white base of the Tyvek fabric is raised by friction. ・Please do not store for a long time in a place with high humidity. It may cause rust. ・The cap and the bag are fixed with a special paper string. Because this product is made of paper, it is vulnerable to water. Please do not wash it whole."
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"Frame Purse Long Wallet / Army Green The features of the SANS-SERIF Gamaguchi Oblong Wallet are the Tyvek Destination Sign (the fabric that turns on the front of the bus to show the destination) that was actually used in London buses, UK, and the high-quality Shiga-made Takashima Sail Cloth, which is carefully hand-sewn one by one by skilled Gamaguchi craftsmen in Kyoto Prefecture. This is a unique item in the world. This is a slim and simple wallet with no waste. Even if you store it in a thin bag with a small size such as a clutch bag or a bag for Japanese wear, it will fit in the space without being bulky. This is a practical wallet that can store bills, coins, cards, receipts cards, receipts, and tickets in order. The partition makes it easy to take out coins and cards. ・The inside of the Tyvek is reinforced by hand with non-woven fabric to enhance durability. ・The inside is divided into 3 pockets. ・The fan-shaped gusset makes it easy to spread and to see inside. ・Distinctive smart cap design that snaps securely ・Can be customized with your favorite netsuke or strap."
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