Hasamiyaki Amabie Mug

[Product] ■ Product Name: Amabie x Hasamiyaki Mug ■ Content: Mug Pair Set ■ Manufacturer Name: Ichiryu Toen ■ Country of Origin/ Region: Japan ■ Size: Diameter 80 mm x Height 85 mm Capacity 280 ml ■ Material: Porcelain We will donate 10% of the sales to Coronavirus emergency fund. Let's get over it together. [Product Notes] ■ Microwave/ Dishwasher safe
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What is Hasamiyaki? In 1601, we started making pottery by constructing stepped, continuous-tiered kilns at Hatanohara, Furusaya, and Yamanita in Hasami Town. This is said to be the beginning of Hasamiyaki about 400 years ago. Speaking of Hasamiyaki, they are mainly dyed and celadon, but they were producing glazed earthenware at first. Since then, porcelain materials were discovered in the village and gradually shifted to porcelain centered on dyeing and celadon, which eventually became a specialty of the Omura Domain and produced the largest amount of dyeing in Japan in the late Edo period. Thus, Hasamiyaki has developed into a large production area for both dyeing and celadon. Disappearance of the plague! A specter from the Edo period who is said to calm the plague. There is a tradition that tells people to show them pictures of themselves when an epidemic spreads. The birth of Ichiryuen's original design cup. Let's all get over the COVID-19 altogether! "Amabie" is a Japanese specter with long hair, a beak, and three legs growing from a scaly body. It is believed that the picture of Amabie will help to ward off epidemics. The pair set is sold in TOCOO MALL.
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