Paper Furoshiki Bag & Paper Pouch / DOMESTIC MAIL No. 9 & No. 5/2 Set / KHAKI

[Product] ■ Product name : DOMESTIC MAIL No. 9 & No. 5 ■ Contents : Color : KHAKI / Quantity : 2 Piece Set / Weight No. 9:124g No. 5:36g ■ Manufacturer name : Iwa 嵜紙 Kiki Co., Ltd. ■ Country of origin / region : Japan / Nagasaki ■ Size : No. 9 : 550 x 550 mm when unfolded Width 280 x depth 280 x height 200 mm / No. 5 : width 240 x depth 50 x height 120 mm ■ Material : Body, Button : Paper / Cushion : Polyethylene / Metal Fittings : Metal / String : Cotton / Handle : Wood ■ Usage : No. 9 : Bag, picnic sheet / No. 5 : Pouch, makeup pouch, pen case [Product Notes] ■ This product is made by hand by craftsmen one by one, so the finish different. ■ Although it has been processed to improve durability, please do not put in extremely heavy or pointed objects. ■ Although this product has been processed to improve water resistance, please do not use it in water.
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This is a set of a paper Furoshiki bag (No. 9) and a pouch (No. 5) that were developed independently. Wrapping, carrying and storing. This item is inspired by the "Furoshiki" (wrapping cloth) that has been traditionally used in Japan and can be used for various purposes with one piece of cloth. When you spread it out, it becomes a sheet, and when you put things inside and wrap it, it becomes a bag that you can carry. This item is characterized by the unique texture of paper that changes soft as you use it. Each item is handmade by craftsmen. Texture It is soft to the touch. By sewing the paper and turning it over, wrinkles unique to the paper appear. Strength The surface has a special treatment so it doesn't tear easily and is safe even if it gets wet. The gloss increases as you use it, and you can enjoy the change that is unique to paper and different from leather and cloth. Usage Furoshiki Bag [No. 9] It can be used as a picnic sheet after you put a book or a lunch box in and take it out. There is a thin cushion in between. Pouch [No. 5] The size is easy to use as a make-up pouch or to store the charging cord. It is light and can be used even in the rain, so it is perfect for travel and outdoors. Manufacturer This product is made by Iwa 嵜紙 Kiki, a packaging company established in 1960. Making use of the technical skills accumulated as a box shop, each piece is made by hand by craftsmen in a factory in Japan. [Note] The color is the type of the first image on each color page. The second and subsequent images are for size and purpose.
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