SaiSai Just Fit Sandals WG520 (Color : Navy, Khaki, Black / Size : S ~ 4L)

[Product] ■ Product Name : SaiSai Just Fit Sandals WG520 ■ Contents : Support for orthosis and 3 adjustable colors ■ Manufacturer name : Marianne shoes ■ Country of origin / region : China ■ Color : Navy, Khaki, Black ■ Size : S : 220 ~ 225mm/M : 230 ~ 235mm/L : 240 ~ 245mm/LL : 250 ~ 255mm/3L : 260 ~ 265mm/4L : 270 ~ 275 mm ■ Width : 3E to 7E ■ Material : Instep : Synthetic Leather / Nylon, Sole : EVA Sole / Rubber ■ Usage : Walking with a brace, sports [Product Notes] Indoor and outdoor support
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・ No need for special measurements such as belt stretching or instep stretching! ・ Fine measurement is not necessary, and it fits perfectly even wearing orthosis. - As it is not separately poured, you can respond immediately to necessary scenes. ・ Ankle belt makes you more active! ★ Easy size adjustment and economical ★ The size can be temporarily increased, and can be easily returned to the normal size. Can be used effectively even after recovery. ★ Special order is not necessary for wearing orthosis. ★ Even in the case of wearing orthosis, there is no need easily without special order such as belt stretching. ★ Also safe for those with swelling or hallux valgus ★ Even those who have swelling can adjust the, so you can use it comfortably. It can be used when the foot size is different in the morning and evening.
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