Foldable Triangle "Kirameki" Puzzle

Product Details] → Other than cosmetics ■ Contents : (1 pieces) ■ Manufacturer name : Hiraki Kobo ■ Country of origin / region : Japan ■ Usage : This is a large triangle plastic with 15 triangles of 5 colors separated. The front and back can be folded along the white side, inserted into the center hole, etc. When the 4 triangles on one side are the same color, it's done. It can be folded into various shapes and colors, so you can enjoy it. This educational product is perfect for those who praise themselves, others and children. I thought it was a triangular origami that could not be torn, so I tried to fold it in various ways. It clears one after another and makes you impressed. Because it uses the brain and hands, children, young people and the elderly are pleased. It is also the best safety product for preventing dementia.
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The multicolored puzzle which can be freely folded from a large triangular shape into 4 identical color. There is a degree of difficulty according to age. For College-student hard level, only 1 out of 100 players finish it. No image of completion. A large triangular sheet consists 15 triangular pieces of 5 colors. They are connected to each other by folding the front and back sides along the white sides, inserting them in the hole in the center, or 4 sided triangles. You can also fold it into various shapes and patterns. It has to be played using brain and fingers, so it is well-liked among children, teenage, and the elderly.
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